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Single Cartridge Seals

Cartridge Seal for High Temperature / Dry Running Slurry Application

Operation Conditions
Temperature: -20 ~ 135℃ (-4 ~ 275℉ )
Pressure: up to 256 psig (17.7bar)
Speed: up to 4530 fpm ( 23 m/s )
Max. Solid by Weight: 25~30%
Max. Particle Size:5000 micron
Standard Material
Metal Parts: 410SS / 304SS / 316SS / Titanium / Hastelloy® C / Duplex / Monel®
Stationary Ring: Carbon / Sillicone Carbide / Tungsten Carbide
Rotary Ring: Sillicone Carbide / Tungsten Carbide
Elastomers: Viton® / Aflas® / Chemraz® / Kalrez® / NBR / T.V. / Other
Separable Gland Secure Ring: NBR.
Springs: 304SS / 316SS / Hastelloy® C
Protective Shroud: PE / PTFE / Others
Concurrent qualities and advantages of CARLIFE 99/99SS/99SSQ™ Structure.
The most common causes of premature mechanical seal failure are equipment cavitation, starved suction, improper venting or air ingestion, which lead to dry run and damage seal faces, these situations can be greatly minimized with our cartridge seal CARLIFE 99SSQD™ which lubricated by synthetic lubricant or water of compatible fluid, then quenching and cooling on the atmospheric side of the seal.
CARLIFE 99SSQD™ is quite similar to the 99SSQ™, with the addition of a Drain port, a Quench port and a “V” shape rubber ring or other forms of rubberize sealing feature. This is result of a unique concept of integrating the circulation device with the gland to promote ease of maintenance, because the cartridge's main structure does not require disassemble during re-conditioning.
The structure of the cartridge seal has provided constant temperature, cooling, and lubrication functions. Depending on individual requirement, injection of cooling water, hot water, or synthetic lubricant into the seal via the Quench port would achieve the foregoing functions.

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